DIY Beauty Survival Guide

DIY Beauty Survival Guide

Let's hear it for at-home manis, pedis, and hair-dye. Because hands if you just did your nails for the first time in 15 years. And what about your hair...does it need a little trim? Plus, didja know that self-facials and self-tanning are now "a thing"? Ugh, and don’t even get me started on roots!

As we settle into the daily life of social distancing comes the realization that all the beauty treatments we'd once casually indulged in pre-COVID are suddenly to be done by themselves—from the comfort of our bathrooms. That said, as we navigate this new normal and have to take things into our own hands, maintaining our beauty, fitness and style routines have never been more important to lift our spirits — a dash of bronzer, polished nails, a good sweat, and a cute ensemble make a world of difference. Trust.

Read on for what we’ve learned, the beauty treatments we’re experimenting with, plus our top tips and resources to recreate our skincare, hair care, and nail care routines.

Bonus, at least we’re saving money?


This is what we call a twofer. Nothing beats sleep when it comes to beauty, plus, it's the best way to boost our immunity. When we're well-rested it shows in every way from our skin to the white of our eyes to the texture of our hair. After all, there’s a reason it’s called beauty rest. Plus, during these uncertain times, do your body, mind, and face a favor: don’t drink too much wine, tequila or caffeine before bed so as not to compromise the quality of your sleep, get to bed at a decent hour, and try to avoid digital devices for at least an hour before lights out.


While we can all agree the pros do it better, seeing as that's not an option, we've rounded up a few video tutorials from our go-to manicurists for polishing our nails from home. Remember to leave yourself plenty of drying time, so as not to ding your hard work. Alternatively, skip the polish and try going au natural. Plus, does anyone else feel sooo dry?

What you'll need: manicure file, orange wood stick cuticle pusher, buffer, pedicure file, flash buffer, cuticle oil, base coat, topcoat, and fave color.

Tips To Cuticle Care by TenOverTen

Tips To Nail Shaping by TenOverTen

Tips To Polish Your Nails by TenOverTen

Tips To Hydrate Your Hands by TenOverTen


Perhaps you didn't get your gels removed before the salons shuttered or you got them done right before. Either way, it's been nearly a month, they're looking a little worn and it's time to take them off.

What you'll need: Acetone, cotton or foil method, nail file, and cuticle oil post-removal.

How to Remove Gel by TenOverTen

Additional tips for gel removal by Coveteur


Having oscillated between unwashed greasy vibes and ponies for the past few weeks, we're ready to get back to cute with a quickie at-home blow-out. Extend your hairstyle with dry shampoo to make the effort worthwhile.

What you'll need: Blow dryer, brush and/or comb, plus heat protectant.

Thick Hair Blowout by Drybar

Fine Hair Blowout by Drybar

For bonus points, tips to dry shampoo


Of all beauty services, this, to me, is one I may stick with post-self-isolation, seeing as bushier is better with a little easy can-do maintenance. Watch Kristie Streicher, the guru of eyebrows how-to tutorial for managing the brows.

Trimming at Home by Kristie Streicher

Book a virtual appointment with Kristie Streicher


Start with a hot terry cloth washcloth which acts as a natural exfoliant to loosen dead skin cells, opens up the pores, and softens the skin, prepping it for your night treatments.

Follow the process with a facial massage to lift, tone, and sculpt the muscle tissues of your face and neck for vibrant, healthier skin and a natural glow that can help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone giving the skin a luminous appearance. Not to mention increasing circulation brings blood and nutrients to the surface of the skin.

Finish with derma rolling, an anti-aging sheet mask or a microcurrent device.

Follow this masterclass from FACE GYM


Living life indoors leaves something to be desired in the sunkissed department. Therefore, self tanning is a must. We love St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse and applicator mitt, as it glides on easily and blends evenly for a subtle luminous tone. Be sure to moisturize with body lotion every day.

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