Our Go-to Wellness Tips for Mental Health

Our Go-to Wellness Tips for Mental Health

More than ever, we are looking inward, reflecting, adopting new self-care practices, moving, and meditating. Our well-being is as much about diet and exercise, as it is about quality sleep, social connection, and mental health. Looking after our mindset and heart-set have nothing to do with looks or anything that can be bought and everything to do with a lasting quality of life. In short, caring for ourselves is where it's at, yo!

Meditation Mornings

Begin each day with stillness and clarity of thought to nourish your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. If you need help getting started, try any YouTube yoga or meditation video or a few of the suggestions below.  In other words, just choose something and make it a habit. Consistency is key, even if only for a few minutes a day.

Waking Up: Sam Harris
Living Carefree with Deepak Chopra

Be a Seeker

Tap into the goodness. Happy acts happen every day, and often go unseen, drowned out by the tragedies and bold headlines our world is facing. Without being tone-deaf, make a point to minimize notifications and alerts when possible and tap into the goodness with sites like Upworthy and Dignity Health, which stand to remind us we're human and there are beautiful, uplifting stories of kindness all around us.

Yoga, but Make It Digital

When all else fails, and you can't be still, move. Exercise increases our bodies’ ability to deal with stress and with tons of apps and online classes available, you can easily tap into a guided flow on the fly.

Get Your Daily Vs

For a lot of us, being indoors is starting to take its toll. Get out for that fresh air and a hit of Vitamin D. Then come home and take supplements with warm lemon water.

For overall well-being, we like Ritual for its one-and-done appeal, packed with high quality, powerful herbs and minerals.

For a hit of energy, try Sibergin by Health Aid.

For more Vitamin D, which many people are deficient in, we like Liqua-D by Apex Energetics.

Reach for Collagen by YouTheory to keep elasticity in your skin (which suffers from high sugar intake and low exercise, just saying).

Plus, add a daily antioxidant boost with Antioxidant by Well Told Health.

Goal Getter

It's helpful for people who thrive on routine and structure to start the day with a list of to-dos (with time allocated for each) to achieve throughout the day. Equally, longer-term goals for the week, month, and year are important too.

Wide Open

Talk to those you trust or reach for your journal.  Expressing what's on your mind is healing. Facts are facts. Emotions that stay inside and fester can be toxic... so let it out, people.

She Smart

What have you always wanted to do, but never seem to have time for? Well, guess what? It's time. Take the time to learn a new skill or language, perhaps. Mastering new learning improves our self-esteem and gives us that feel-good feeling. And the fascinating thing about learning is how contagious it can be; when you learn, you teach and the more light we can shine on educating one another, the more we grow and collectively heal. Hello, thriving!

Inside Job

Our external matches our internal. Truth. Case in point: blemishes are likely due to high levels of stress or poor food. Under-eye bags and dark circles generally develop if something is keeping you up at night—and so on.

Seeing beauty as something cultivated from within encourages self-confidence and youth, while improving overall well-being.

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