Maje X Varley: Behind the Scenes

Maje X Varley: Behind the Scenes



Maje and Varley are merging universes in an activewear capsule collection.

Combining sport and fashion, we’ve dreamed up comfortable pieces that are both high-tech and fun. They’re perfect whether you’re hitting the gym or throwing on an urban casual look. The allure of the chic and technical brand, with a foot in two camps – London and Los Angeles – that then travelled all the way to Paris, proved irresistible – and the idea to collaborate was born.





A favourite for both brands, leopard print takes a starring role. The pattern is made up of the letters M and V, as a nod to our co-branded capsule.

Like everyone on the planet in search of something a little more upbeat, we at Varley and Maje all want the same things right now: chic, playful, comfortable pieces. Varley’s subtle khaki and beige tones are set off by light violet, touches of bright yellow, an elasticated belt with an oversized gold buckle, and lurex details.





The entire capsule is built around pieces borrowed from activewear. The looks flirt with a modern vibe. Headbands, fitness socks and leggings are designed for going out, under a blazer for example, just as much as for working out. The brassieres and tops are classic Maje pieces, but use Varley’s technical materials and expertise. And don’t forget your accessories – terry towelling and lurex wristbands, caps with the MV logo and yoga mats.

Everything you need for a chic workout.We’ll take you back to the 80s for a Flashdance vibe with a modern approach, creating a subtle balance between fashion and lifestyle, which is the whole message of this capsule collection.

Discover this marvellous moment where two phenomenal brands come together as one

October, 15





When Varley met Maje...

A note from our founder:

Introducing our very special collaboration with Maje, which represents both a personal and professional dream come true. Maje is a brand I've respected and followed from afar for years. In fact, I wore a Maje jumpsuit for my engagement party nearly ten years ago. I still have that piece in my wardrobe and I still love it. For me, clothes are a reminder of moments in time but should also pass the test of time; a sentiment which I'm glad to say is shared by both brands. 

Working alongside a fellow female founder- Judith Millgrom, who is a trailblazer for women's contemporary wear, was an honour and incredibly special. We share the same family values, founding our brands with family members and endeavouring to always keep our teams feeling like they're very much a part of the same family. We designed this collection to inspire fun, self-expression, and joyful movement. 

I hope you love it as much as we do. 




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