Megan Roup’s Quick Tips to Feeling Great

Megan Roup’s Quick Tips to Feeling Great

Little changes equal big moves

Recognizing when you need to make an energy shift and acting in small ways can change everything. Fitness guru Megan Roup, shares her go-to quick tips that affect her mood and well-being. Here, whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, change it up.

Often, we’re overwhelmed with the idea of change or don’t want to start until everything is perfect,” says Roup, who swapped a professional dance career for fitness entrepreneurship. “But unless you start, nothing will happen. There is power in action, it doesn’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to have all the answers, you just need to start.”


I've found just getting outside with nature for a few minutes is essential, even if that means walking through a park in the city or merely getting the blood moving and oxygen to your lungs.

For example, yesterday I had been staring at my computer for 10 hours, it was cold outside and I was having an off day. I forced myself to get up and get out. I dressed warm I went on a 15-minute walk and listened to Gabby Bernstein's, Super Attractor.


Can’t not include this! Obviously, it would be best to get to a class or do an app class, but even moving your body to music for 5 minutes will change your mood. Exercise through dance is my moving meditation and always helps me feel my best.


Get out of your head and drop into your body with a quick 5 minute stretch or a 10 minute butt workout. On my app I have a section for stretching and you can choose based on time. We are so stuck in our heads and our habits and being physical breaks that up.


I love an infrared sauna — I go to this place called DTS West. It’s 25 bucks a session and the best. I enjoy sweating to get stuff out of me.


I get a massage in Chinatown once a week at this place called Zuyuan. It’s not glam, but gets the job done. 90 minute is 60 bucks! Can’t beat that.


I go to this place called Chen Medicine, for acupuncture in Flatiron. I fully trust her and have had great results. Her handle is @acuchic.


I find the days that begin with a quick meditation, are better, they just are. Go for a guided meditation or sit for a moment in peace, whatever your preference.


Getting out of my comfort zone and having fun! I know it sounds cheesy, but I think making sure to have FUN sometimes does wonders for our health. Simple things that allow us not to be as serious. I want to feel like a kid sometimes. We went to Six Flags and rode roller coasters recently. Also, just being in nature and going for hikes, things like that. In the city, I love going to the ceramic place for a drink and painting.


Sleep is so important to my well-being. I need 8-9 hours and if I don’t get that, I’m definitely a lesser version of myself. I will even choose sleep over working out. I realize that this is not prioritized by a lot of people, but its huge for me. We’re in such a buzzy culture of operating on less sleep and feeling like you don’t need as much. But that doesn’t work.


Make the time to jump on a call, grab a coffee to check in with each other or do a workout with your besties. Finding time and connecting with your network, whether that means a big group or lots of individuals, is essential to mental health and feeling supported. Personally, I feel I have been able to take a little more risk knowing my people have my back.

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