Post-Sweat Skincare

Post-Sweat Skincare

It’s a whole thing.

With all the skin positives that come from working out (hello detox, oxygenated blood flow, increased collagen, and glowy skin), there can also be not-so-positives depending on your post-sweat beauty routine. Even with all the pros that come from a fitness routine, if you don't clean-it-up after you exercise, the sweat and dirt can cause breakouts (uh, no thanks!). So, let's getcha a skin regime that's on point.


If you tend to work out in the AM, you're likely cool to skip the pre-sweat wash. However, if you're wearing foundation (a fitness skin-care no-no), give yourself a rinse with a mild, non-drying cleanser and use an oil-free lotion that's right for your skin type.

While working out, try your best to avoid touching your face, especially when using cardio and weightlifting machines (because, eeewww) that could cause breakouts.


Wash your face immediately after working out, full stop. If possible, try to do it before you leave the yoga studio, gym, spin studio, or wherever, as follows:

Be Gentle. Stay away from cleansers that tend to be overly drying to the skin. Reach for a mild product, with anti-bacterial, cooling gel, or gentle ingredients like chamomile or lavender.

Touch Tepid. Pores open during exercise to help release sweat, therefore to help calm your skin and close the pores, finish with a splash of cool-ish water.

Pat Please. If your face tends to get red after working out, avoid excessively rubbing with a towel, which can irritate the skin. Instead, pat gently until dry-ish, so the surface doesn't get tight and feel overly dry.

Calm Down. Give yourself a little spritz with rose water, spearmint, peppermint, or rosemary botanicals to soothe inflammation while simultaneously cooling and refreshing.

Must Moisturize. Exercise causes the skin to lose water (obvi), causing it to feel dehydrated. So, the moral of the story? Don’t. Skip. Moisturizer. Hydrate. Also, SPF to follow (unless your moisturizer is working double-duty).

Pro tip: If you experience a lot of redness in your skin after working out, look for moisturizers or skin serums with soothing ingredients like white tea or chamomile to help calm the skin. Also, if you keep it stored in the refrigerator, it will calm the skin down even faster.

Best Before Bed. Most skin is more sensitive right after a workout. Give it a beat until the redness dissipates before using super-active acne or anti-aging products.

No Sink, No Problem. If you can't get in front of a sink quickly, bring cleansing facial wipes to wipe excess sweat off the face and chest.

Save The Hair. Dry Shampoo is a must! Nuff said.


Otherwise known as the rest of the day...make sure to drink a ton of water and get lots of sleep. When you're rested and eat well, your skin shows it.

Lastly, be sure to get out of your fitted gear —which can trap sweat and dirt on the surface of the skin—ASAP. Slip into a cute two-piece, perhaps? Shop our matching sets.

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