The 8 Best Streaming Workouts (Because Who Has Time?)

The 8 Best Streaming Workouts (Because Who Has Time?)

TBH, getting to a workout on the daily isn't always doable. Unfortunately, between class times that don't make sense, getting to and fro (all in, it can be quite the production), plus neverending workdays, and hectic schedules, keeping up with an exercise routine can be challenging for even the most well-intentioned fitness go-getters. Enter the online workout. The beauty of streaming your fitness straight to your house/hotel room/ office (IDK, maybe)/wherever, is they can be accessed anytime and anywhere so long as there's enough space for a yoga mat and a decent Wi-Fi connection. Plus, with options plenty, not only is a workout a click away, but you can keep it interesting by changing it up on the regular. Most importantly, with so many of our fave workouts based in LA or NYC, no matter where in the world you find yourself be it Paris, Ohio, or Hong Kong, hello, streaming!

Bonus, Pro Travel Tip: When on the road, routines tend to falter. Therefore fitness apps are a great way to stay in shape while traveling. Pack your workout, including sneakers, several pairs of leggings (depending on how long you're planning to travel plus, most hotels can wash), and resistance bands (which take zero space in your luggage and can add some intensity to a hotel gym workout.), and lastly, get on an app because starting your day with movement changes everything.


Melissa Wood Health
Take one look at her Instagram abs, and you'll be downloading too. Trust. But, abs aside. It's just a REALLY good workout. Her method offers a variety of moves that involve light weights or using your body weight along with tiny movements and references from yoga, Pilates, and barre. At first glance, her moves look low-key but will have you sweating in no time, and YOU feel it. With the belief that 20 minutes a day will change your entire day, Melissa offers a range of classes from 10-40 minutes, so no matter your schedule, you've got options. Additionally, she provides content about food, lifestyle, and more.

The Sculpt Society
Also fantastic, with a focus on community. Megan Roup's workout offers dance, in combination with weights, to give a cardio burn coupled with toning. The results are real for even the most averagely fit, and Megan encourages her followers to cheer each other on and support one another. Solidarity is key.

Sweat with Kayla
Kayla Itsines' workouts are super fun, a bit challenging, and highly effective. She offers a 28 minute circuit that will get you feeling pumped and ready for the day. Plus, you can switch up the focus, depending on what you're in the mood for — abs, arms, legs. Note with Kayla's workouts, you need a few more things like dumbbells, but if you're traveling, most hotels have that.

Ballet Beautiful
Given that most girls want to be a ballerina at some point in their childhood, it's fun. From the leotards to tutus (if you so desire), to the much-desired dancer's body (yes please!). And who better to lead the way than Mary Helen Bowers, the woman who trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan. However, with NYC based studios only, getting to BB was unrealistic for most, until they recently launched streaming so everyone can tap into their little known ballet obsession.


With the promise of a better BOO-TAY and a roster of Victoria Secret models that can attest to this total-body workout that gives near-instant results, it's a movement, and the burn is real. Each motion is designed to replicate how your body moves when you walk, run, reach, step, etc. P.volve focuses on toning through functional movement. While it’s not cardio, your heart rate will be elevated, and your muscles challenged. Some props accompany this class, but if you’re without, you can filter online for those that don't require accessories.

Glo (also, YogaGlo)
Because we can't go hard all the time (nor should we, as variety is the spice of life), if you’re in the mood for a yoga class instead of a workout, check out YogaGlo. YogaGlo provides access to incredible teachers from anywhere in the world, teaching all styles of flow that range from five-minute quickies to ninety minute sessions. Plus, you can filter via superphysical to more spiritual, mental, depending on your mood. Also, YogaGlo offers ancillary content, lectures, and workshops by yoga scholars.

We can't talk streaming without the Peloton, obviously. While this is definitely more than your average app (given the investment in the bike), it's certainly top of mind. If you're into spin (or running now too!), the idea behind Peloton is pretty genius. Simple, buy a Peloton bike or treadmill and get access to live and on-demand spin classes taught in Peloton’s NYC studio. Plus, if you like a little healthy competition, rider's can opt into competitive metrics displayed throughout the ride -- or not, totally up to you!

The Mirror
Here's the skinny: A full-length mirror hangs on your wall. In go-mode, it's a personal trainer and on-demand streaming fitness device that offers everything from yoga to cardio to toning sessions with a reflective surface that's interactive so the trainer can see you. In off-mode, it's a mirror and not an unsightly machine. While an investment, the Mirror is ideal if you love real-time instruction in class settings but have no desire to leave your house for it. Genius, we think.

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