Off Duty Weekend Wear: From Workout to Going Out 

Off Duty Weekend Wear: From Workout to Going Out 

Be it the weekend—full of possibility. When days are spent between workouts, brunch with friends, carting kids around, catching up on sleep (maybe?), running errands, and other 'me time' activities. Whatever your sitch, the question remains, how to do it all without having to run home to change. By far, wearing leggings and a hoodie extends well beyond your fave workout, and what we once classified as workout wear is now our weekend uniform. With a few tiny tweaks, here's how we go from the barre to the bar (or the playground) without so much as an outfit change.


You want to hit that 9:30 AM Sunday dance class wherein you dance aggressively for an hour in the dark, but you also want to make that 11 AM brunch with friends which may or may not turn into the entire day out. Issue is, typical of most boutique fitness studios, the shower situation is spotty and the thought of sitting through post-workout pancakes in sweaty clothes is less than ideal.

The trick? Dry shampoo and perhaps a beanie for good measure. Second to the hair situation, one of the biggest issues is wearing a damp sports bra around town. Solution? Layers. Before class, shed your tee and sweatshirt; wear only your sports bra and leggings to dance. After class, quick-swap, your sports bra for a real bra, toss on the dry tee that you walked to class in and a navy pullover—which doubles as chic but also hides any lingering sweat that may arise—and finish with a navy bomber plus sunnies, always. Let the breakfast buffet commence.


With yoga, depending on the class and studio, the range of sweat may vary massively. Which is fine, but considering what you want to accomplish post-class, be it errands, a trip to the park, or a late afternoon bite opt for a studio that's unheated with a decent flow and a mild sweat. Since hair drama is less of a thing with yoga, you can likely skip the beanie. Instead, pair a printed set that will distract from any sneaky sweat, with a cream zip hoodie and cool solid black sneakers that could double as fitness and fashion.


It's Saturday. You want a little burn, but you also want drinks and pasta. With a low sweat factor, barre classes are perfect for hitting up between daytime and dinner date. To look pulled together, go monochrome which always looks polished, leggings or not. Bonus, a class that doesn't call for workout sneakers means you can play up your accessories. Cruise to class in Gucci slides and a cool coat with a color-pop bag for instant dinner ready style that leaves zero hints of having just worked out.

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