Well Said - Jacqui Kingswell

Well Said - Jacqui Kingswell



1. In a nutshell: what’s the who, why, what of Jacqui Kingswell?

I’m the Co-founder and Director of The Pilates Class. I believe every ’body’ is different and it’s important for me that my members give themselves the love they deserve.


2. The elevator pitch: what makes The Pilates Class Method different from any other type of Pilates?

It’s designed to lengthen and tone but also to give you a deep burn in all the right places. Using the special techniques and cues I’ve learnt over the past 25 years, we focus on technique, posture and the connection to your mind, body and soul. The Pilates Class is not just a physical workout; it’s about tuning into what’s going to serve you as an individual.


3. Before teaching Pilates, you were a professional dancer, working with the likes of Beyonce, One Direction and Kylie Minogue. Do you have any dance tips for us to make an impression on the dance floor?

Haha! Yes! Dance how you feel and like no one is watching you!!


4. Which are your preferred Varley leggings for dancing? And for Pilates?

The Century Leggings are my absolute favourite for both dancing and Pilates. I love how comfortable they are for all different types of movement.


5. What’s the best way to quickly bring tight muscles back to peak suppleness after we’ve overdone it on the workout front?

For me, it’s always about proactively taking steps during a workout to make sure you’re not overdoing it. That’s why I always make sure to note how much a certain exercise should be burning during my classes, and if it is hurting more I recommend posture fixes, or alternative exercises. If you do happen to overdo it though, the best thing to do afterwardsis be consistent with your stretching and have nutritious meals that promote muscle recovery.





6. What do you love the most about what you do?

There are so many things I love about what I do but if I had to pick one thing, it’s the community and the TPC team. They are so supportive, inspiring and brave. I’m so grateful to be part of such an incredible community and I am blown away by our members every single day.


7. You’ve recently increased your output online by offering more workouts and mindfulness sessions. What do you love about this new facet of your teaching?

Once you take a Pilates class you understand that it’s not just a physical workout. To add technique classes, stretch classes, and meditation into your weekly practice helps you to perform your best, not only on the mat but off your mat too.


8. What is the main difference between teaching online and teaching in person, and how have you got round the obvious practicalities of not being in the studio with your clients?

I think the biggest difference between teaching online and in person is the convenience of taking a Pilates class in your own home. I often get feedback from members saying that they feel like I’m in the room with them when I’m teaching a class and I truly feel like each class I record I am talking to them. I communicate with them on a day-to-day basis so I’m really in tune with what they need and anything they need help in understanding more, whether that be technique or what they would like to see more of on the platform.


9. What’s the biggest challenge about learning Pilates, and what’s the biggest challenge teaching it?

Personally I love a challenge! Within each class it’s through the challenges that I find you grow and develop the most, it’s a time to discover what you can do both mentally and physically. I always design the classes with at least two or more challenges for my members because I want them to really fight for the moment before they want to get out of a pose or give up on the mat. Once you push past this moment it’s where the strength and confidence starts to build. For members who have never taken Pilates before, their biggest challenge is stepping onto the mat. The minute you step on the mat, you’ve already done the hardest part.


10. Do you have a teaching “uniform”? And if so, which Varley pieces are your mainstay?

I usually wear my hair in a low bun and then for activewear, I am always in leggings and a crop top. To me, that’s when I feel the most free and comfortable which I think is important when you’re working out. If I am going for an all black activewear look, I love the Whitley legging and Frances bra from Varley.





11. Your smile was once described as “megawatt”. What makes you smile?

That’s really kind! I’ve always been quite a smiley person. I honestly just love life and what I do every day. Sure, there are days that are better than others but I just work really hard to try and not sweat the small things and try to see all the incredible things that are in front of me.


12. Can you share your favourite post-workout smoothie recipe?

Sure! My favourite post workout smoothie is a coconut blueberry smoothie. We actually have a reel of this on our Instagram. It is so delicious I never get sick of it.


- ¼ cup frozen blueberries

- ½ frozen banana

- ½tbs nut butter (I use peanut, almond or cashew)

- ½ cup of milk (I use oat or almond)

- ¼ cup coconut flakes13


 13. You’re based in Australia, but your workout is a global sensation... how did you maximise social media to help grow so quickly globally? What was your business strategy?

When my business partner and I first started The Pilates Class, we had organic growth through influencers and members re-sharing our workouts. When I truly love a product or service, I too will share it on my Instagram and I think that’s how The Pilates Class has had such a global reach.


14. How much has dance influenced your classes?

The dance training I had as a child and through my teenage years is the foundation of what The Pilates Class is. I grew up doing ballet and I apply so many methods and practices from what I learnt as a dancer to my Pilates classes.





15. What do your days off look like? Are you someone who likes to chill over the weekend, or do you get up and get out there!

It’s quite a balance for me. On Saturdays I love going to the farmers market and stocking up on my weekly groceries with my husband. We usually just use our weekends to reset for the week ahead. We might book a dinner with some friends or family but we also allow time to connect with each other and disconnect from work. I think it’s really important to schedule in downtime over the weekend and I always encourage members to do this whether that be taking a hot bath, reading a book, swimming in the ocean or going for a nice walk.


16. Your workouts aren’t designed to make people lose weight so much as to get them to peak health and fitness. What results have you seen that you are most proud of?

Everybody is different and everybody’s goals are different. The Pilates Class offers something for everyone. If your goal is to lose weight, you can achieve that via the platform but I think above all what members learn is that these workouts are sustainable and something that you can do for the rest of your life. For me, working out is positive, fulfilling and something I look forward to and I’m so grateful to share that with so many others.


17. Finally... if there is just one TPC move we should all be doing, what is it?

Oh this is a good question! I would have to say it’s a roll down! I usually start the classes with a roll down because it releases any tightness from the night or day before and allows you to tune into where you’re holding tension and will allow your body to soften and open.




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